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A lot of people have the habit that morning runs, but actually morning ran does not suit to some a few people, it is especially when the morning is hollow ran, some people can appear the symptom of hypoglycemia, give hands or feet of abnormal sweating due to general debility purposely to tremble unbearably, must notice seasonable compensatory candy is divided at this moment.

Is morning ran hollow run?

1, hollow in the morning ran can let partial person occurrence hypoglycemiaShanghai noble baby communicates an area

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Symptom, and candy is human body ran when most the economy, most immediate energy source. Hypoglycemia can be caused if all sorts of unwell symptoms are flustered, give abnormal sweating due to general debility, hands or feet to tremble etc

2, if this is planted,the case appeared, must complement as soon as possible candy is divided (if eat one lump sugar) , let blood sugar pick up as soon as possible.

Is morning ran hollow run?

3, the means that the ran when the proposal is hollow uses mat food, be like the edible before running half a banana, biscuit, after running but prandial.

4, should not be before ran in the morning had eaten full additional, about the problem of full abdomen ran. Hollow ran is adverse and healthy, and full abdomen ran also had better avoid.

5, food enters intestines and stomach to need to digest, right now much blood is centered in gastric bowel, if ran may cause indigestion, still can cause gastric ministry prolapse; Full abdomen ran still can increase the risk that has appendicitis.

Is morning ran hollow run?

6, what to eat before ran? Your each eat meal had better include diet have carbohydrate — namely amylaceous, black rice is complete perhaps wheat bread contain these material.

7, still can eat in before setting out 5 minutes some small feed, for example a banana, perhaps join sweet candyA pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city

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Coffee and tea, can improve the position of the body.

8, after the food after running is running inside 30 minutes, the starch that needs to eat health and protein food (content should with about 10 grams advisable) , can offer an alternative have milk of low fat chocolate, or a cup of jelly of half, a cup of defatted milk.

9, the day that filling water exercises in ranBaby of new Shanghai noble1000 beautiful community of Shanghai

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, round-the-clock color of fluid of should advertent make water, ensure drinkable the water of full amount. If your body moisture is enough, uric color should be shallowShanghai noble baby communicates an area

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