Seek novelty person offer only ” 3D of De Jun headquarters ” SFC edition transplants successfully already now PC

MOD fabricant AstroCreep is successful recently SFC version ” 3D of De Jun headquarters ” transplanting arrived on PC, already opened download now. This MOD was used ” Executor ‘ S Second Encounter ” as the foundation that change one’s costume or dress, so need installs number beforehand EXWolf and ” 3D of De Jun headquarters ” 1.4 edition, next direct SFC version ” De Jun headquarters ” material guides. MOD fabricant expresses, at present this MOD still is not whole game experience. He used ECMac to change one’s costume or dress HUD interface, additionally still effect of a few sound and HUD interface element are returned at present is rudimental material only. But besides these slight differences, the material sticking a graph of great majority is SFC board character ” 3D of De Jun headquarters ” . Interesting is, the picture that this transplanting edition wants to compare SFC original is a lot of better, it is high-definition almost answer quarter, resemble element not only more clear, and frame number is more fluent also. Interested player can nod this download.

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