Leader of group of Henan of refus of Ceng Wan of bright red graceful rests proposal overworked is turned over high is chief culprit

A few days ago, the women’s volleyball of the national games that undertakes in Yunnan is add contest, make gymnasium of county of Yunnan salary abundant full. More Zhu Ting comes strong national champion spot audience, regrettablly the argue that Zhu Ting played first game only, medical service is sent by car of 120 emergency treatment later. Exceed class league matches from Turkey, arrive again to world all cup the national games, it is which link after all, zhu Ting tired bad?

Overworked is added be being turned over high is ” chief culprit “

Return team of parent group Henan from world all cup, zhu Ting is true go all out, did not get surprise effect regrettablly. Henan women’s volleyball does not have qualification of final of predestined relationship the national games early. The Zhu Ting that this lets spell vomiting makes popular feeling painful all the more.

It is reported, zhu Ting’s symptom appears in group of manhood of women’s volleyball of the national games to add contest head day, henan women’s volleyball is opposite a Liaoning women’s volleyball, zhu Ting chops below 30 minutes. But the public house is returned after contest, zhu Ting expresses very uncomfortable, the same night went to a hospital infusion.

The doctor is diagnosed, zhu Ting besides overworked, still have downy reaction. According to Introductio爱上海同城论坛

n Zhu Ting: “That day, just began to return better, because leave,I worry a bit before contest, after all before had had, when making the 2nd inning already not quite good, change to the 3rd bureau, take a rest, when standing up again, feel the leg is very heavy, want to move not quite. Insist to be hit next behind after a few minutes, I have a place not quite comfortable, bend over to have a break on the ground, go to finally gymnasium also has a break, the feeling is a lot of better. Etc return a hotel to begin to spit, a few more serious at that time, went to a hospital be defeated by dot water. Went to a hospital be defeated by dot water..

According to doctor introduction, at present Zhu Ting has not restored completely. And Zhu Ting says frankly: “I want to enter the court very much, it is a team to be able to bring a few result, but whether does the body that I want to see me allow, include to see a coach how上海千花网

be arranged. I feel now re爱上海同城论坛

store 67 was become. I feel now restore 67 was become..

Is high strenth match tired bad Zhu Ting?

Chinese sport athlete thering is no lack of by the tragedy of tired bad, tired injury, the body of women’s volleyball new Rui Zhuting makes a person anxious. The Turkey women’s volleyball before reviewing exceeds class league matches, is Zhu Ting by the match of high strenth tired bad?

Exceed team as earth Wajifu the star of bank group, express to be taken care of by the key of the club all the time. Zhu Ting leaves the article that writes during ocean to also show, be opposite the match of a weak force, episcopal practice is the treatment that gives Zhu Ting have holidays by turns. For instance by 2016, wajifu bank group changes new advocate the first battle after field, episcopal practice sees adversary actual strength is not strong, tell Zhu Ting, “This match need not head hair, if the situation is bad to go up again, rest well, retain physical power, there still are a lot of main competitions from the back. There still are a lot of main competitions from the back..

On the other hand, although tile radical nots,bank group values this team trump card very much, dan Zhuting also needs to follow team runs around here and there. For instance this year May, zhu Ting just ends European championship, be about to drive go to Japan to play game of world club cup. Long-distance long-range raids overdrew really Zhu Ting’s physical strength.

Render service to repay kindness has parent group exerted oneself to do sth. fierce?


As Zhu Ting’s Bai Le, lang Ping is early with respect to the evaluation, this is the child of a having a one-track mind. This year is full use year, zhu Ting returns team of parent group Henan also is do one’s best, eventually oneself tired fell.

Actually last month, a lot of fan are oppugned, henan team is right Zhu Ting overspend, media was used ” be at ease! Tired not bad Zhu Ting! ” such caption will make response report. Look round, nearly 2 months are endless and difficult leg, collapse last straw of Zhu Ting just ab新爱上海同城对对碰论坛


After ending contest of cup of Japanese world all on May 16, zhu Ting returns Shanghai, prepare for war along with the team preliminary contest of the national games. The match began on May 18, zhu Ting follows Henan team had 4 competitions. On June 15, the national games is additional surpass the first match, zhu Ting reacts because of highland by urgent send toward hospital infusion, also fail to enter the court again from now on.

Respecting is tired pour Zhu Ting, henan saves Xie Guochen of vice director of ball games management center to have some of grievance. He expresses to once offerred to Zhu Ting, answer Zhengzhou take good care of sb ahead of schedule, there still can be downy reaction in salary abundant after all, do not cross Zhu Ting or politelied decline, “I still should follow teammate people together, even if do not enter the court, sit in reserve banquet to look namely, also the heart is installed ” .

Xie Guochen says, zhu Ting come back this, to Henan the affection of the be sentimentally attached to of the team is in overtones, although be in abroad go on an expedition of successive high strenth, but the function that returned Henan team to still remove core.

Star player needs ego to protect consciousness

Tired in the match disease, of Zhu Ting pay appear some regrettablly. This proved honest and kind, loyalty of Zhu Ting, also show team member to lack ego to protect consciousness however. Regard Chinese women’s volleyball as the talent of rare, zhu Ting is badly in need of building such consciousness.

It is early before the national games, zhu Ting says: “Return competition ground of the national games, dozen the method is different, need suits. And, preliminary contest of the national games every competition is very main, give a clue with respect to 3 quota of people, very brutal, field field is battle of life and death. ” be in this spot of Yunnan salary abundant, fan sees, “Bilateral 29 at ordinary times, zhu Ting thinks in spite of illness enters the court continue to fight, be rejected by the coach. Zhu Ting insists to enter the court, herself takes a card to enter the court, the result is tired be in the ground. ” him Zhu Ting bore huge responsibility burden. Hit world all cup to have 4 days only, zhu Ting adjusts equation of time at the same time, adjust with Henan team at the same time, have not enough time to rest at all.

In addition, henan team and Zhu Ting also were not on guard the preparation of downy reaction. The national games loses an election competition ground ground, the salary abundant town that establishs 1600 meters in Yunnan to save altitude. And Zhu Ting has had downy reaction two years ago ” criminal record ” . Two years ago, league matches of countrywide women’s volleyball, henan guest field is right Yunnan, zhu Ting is become because of serious and downy reaction a vomiting is more than, the hospital was sent after urgent infusion suction oxygen, this follow the same old disastrous road.

The deadliest, still be Zhu Ting the leg with this endless sports season. Showing number of go on an expedition of bright red graceful many 70, than last year of the corresponding period 50 or so much 40% . Last month, she is in weak point 8 games are played repeatedly inside 20 days, him Zhu Ting a新上海贵族宝贝论坛

lso expresses, “Had never played so much game. ” the laterite vole the arm of the law that scan widely just ends makes public contest, fei Dele for healthy, quited the race this year. Compare Feidele, zhu Ting is more young, there still is teammate to partake beside, but regard a profession as the player, zhu Ting builds ego to protect consciousness urgently, in order to lengthen precious professional career.

Civil / Zhu Peng of our newspaper reporter

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