Be born by force announce vaccine of mosaic of AIDS of result of HIV vaccine test produces antibody

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Strong unripe company will announce the whole world on July 24 first HIV vaccinal human body is clinical test result, this more than 1 centers, random, comfort an agent to contrast, the 1/2a of double blind period clinical trial recruit 393 healthy volunteers, the volunteer comes from the United States, Rwanda, Uganda, south Africa and Thailand respectively, the result shows, the volunteer is able to bear or endure to HIV vaccine suffer a gender good, and the 100% antibody that produced antagonism HIV.

AIDS virus.

Odd second expose Yu Aizi disease risk of the infection below virus decreased 94%

Strong unripe company is the dimensions on the world the medical treatment hygiene of diversity of the biggest, product is tasted reach consumer to nurse product company, its capital support is the main reason that this vaccine obtains remarkable result, particular trial is assumed by company of its subordinate Yang Sen pharmacy, but the technology comes from wait for research unit at college of medicine of university of American haing Buddha.

This HIV vaccine is mosaic vaccine, a variety of antigen that use HIV namely (gene extract) combination is together, form the vaccine that has pair of airframe immunity systems to stronger exciting action can make effective antibody, call AppROACH vaccine. AppROACH vaccine is to be on the effect above all hearten making a person. Besides in suffer on body of the person that try 100% arose to resist outside the antibody of HIV virus, still let suffer sheet of the person that try second expose virus of Yu Aizi disease (risk of the infection below HIV) decreased 94% , and have the person of 66% expose in 6 protect at still getting below HIV, was not affected by HIV.

Vaccinal experiment was used avoid first – reinforce immune strategy, suffer altogether of the person that try to accept vaccinal inject 4 times in the experiment namely, vaccine of before two needles is avoid first, two needles vaccine is to strengthen immune inject after. Inject 48 week hind, suffer the person that try to did not produce any side effect, blood detects the antibody that discovery produced to be aimed at HIV inside everybody body. Going up to sufferring the effective protection of the person that try to evaluate, the risk that HIV contracts was reduced 94% .

This AIDS mosaic vaccine produces remarkable result main reason depends on designing vaccine according to the characteristic of HIV, the most important is a variety of antigen that use HIV, choose namely come from many different HIV inferior model the gene of virus individual plant, these HIV antigen are generated through virus carrier, co爱上海同城

mprised the vaccine that contains a variety of HIV antigen.

Mosaic vaccine completed animal test a few years ago

AIDS mosaic vaccine already ground early before a few years send, had a test on animal body. 2013, the researcher of the college of medicine of haing Buddha university of vaccine of mosaic of research and development is in ” cell ” the report on the magazine says, they used research and development of 3 kinds of of AIDS virus main albumen to give mosaic vaccine.

The joining together of a few kinds of gene HIV or setting the main reason that makes vaccine together is, these antigen stimulate the immune system of airframe effectively, and let a large number of antibody that immune sys新爱上海同城对对碰论坛

tem generation is aimed at these a few kinds of antigen, in order to counteract (resist) AIDS virus, achieve prevent AIDS virus to inbreak the purpose of cell of T of human body immunity.

At that time, researcher is vaccinal to rhesus experiment this are vaccinal, and use send ill sex virus of the strongest blemish of immunity of person monkey table (SHIV, be similar to HIV) of virus of person immunity blemish, 6 times nature of imitate AIDS virus affects rhesus, in order to examine vaccinal effect. The result makes clear, 12 rhesus of vaccination are in expose 6 times continuously after virus of blemish of immunity of person monkey table, only 3 are avoided suffer infection. But with not of vaccination contrast group 12 rhesus (expose in 3 be affected entirely after virus of blemish of immunity of person monkey table) photograph comparing, mosaic vaccine is as high as 87% to the protective action of rhesus to 90% .

Be based on this research result, breath out the researcher inference of Buddha university, mosaic vaccine is opposite not only the mankind may be effective, and the odds that affects the person likely also AIDS virus is reduced about 90% . Now, the infection risk of experiment general person reduced the AppROACH mosaic vaccine that the company of Yang Sen pharmacy below division of strong unripe company has to the person 94% , specification at the outset what speculation got experimenting is preliminary examine.

How does the train of thought of mosaic vaccine come?

Mosaic vaccine says to enchase vaccine again, it is the AIDS vaccine RV144 that 2009 Thailand undertakes after large and clinical trial, make the research of AIDS vaccine core of first selection of each country researcher. The large research of Thailand makes clear at that time, RV144 can lower the HIV infection rate of 31% only, but had been the most effective vaccine.

A kind of vaccine can produce protection to be paid no attention to apparently to the person of 31% only want, the person generation that needs pair of 60% above at least protects ability to call effective vaccine. Later, researcher passes the research of extensive development, think the protective effect of RV144 vaccine is finite, because the effective stimulation of its antigen is mixed not quite,be the representative inadequacy of its antigen, accordingly, the move of centre of gravit上海贵族宝贝论坛

y of research and development comes to mosaic vaccine. The target target of characteristic of the feature that the vaccinal design to some kind of disease and research and development are the pathogen that wants a basis to cause this disease of course, structure, transmission and pathogen attack. Now, on the structural characteristic that transfers AIDS virus to the design of AIDS vaccine, because its structure is quite complex, and variability is very big.

If HIV is not the most complex virus on the world, also be one of the most complex virus. Committee of international virus classification is HIV cent HIV-1 and HIV-2 two big kinds. Look the AIDS of preexistence bound each district basically is caused by HIV-1. The AIDS that HIV-2 causes basically is in West Africa is popular, the force causing disease of HIV-2 under HIV-1, transmission speed is slower than HIV-1 also. HIV-1 and HIV-2 are on gene alignment difference is very big, their coating candy albumen often cannot cause alternate immunity reaction. Accordingly, the AIDS vaccine that shows ongoing hair basically is the vaccine that is aimed at HIV-1.

There also is a lot of inside even if HIV-1 inferior model. AIDS virus is very complex on the structure, inferior model more, if be chosen only onefold inferior model with among them some two kinds of genes make vaccine as antigen, system of immunity of even if human body can produce antibody, just also be aimed at some the antibody of two kinds of antigen, can’t create death warrant to AIDS virus, virus can survive likewise and infect immune T cell of the person.

Accordingly, it is clinical cure not merely, go up in vaccinal research and development especially, clinician and researcher take the AIDS that the AIDS virus place of different genotype causes seriously particularly. In the meantime, also formed the core train of thought of vaccine of AIDS of research and development, need to use all antigen constituent of AIDS virus as far as possible namely. But, this is阿拉爱上海同城

a kind of good demand, achieve hard at present, can be retreated only and beg next, use a variety of antigen of AIDS virus. And the experiment to the volunteer also needs pluralism is mixed global, in the whole world only the national volunteer of different area goes up personally the experiment achieves the result, ability proves a kind of vaccine has wide chart to fight a gender (effectiveness) . This AppROACH mosaic vaccine is such.

Mosaic vaccine development also has puissant competition

The research and development of AIDS vaccine the research and development as other product is same, competition is a kind of normal. Accordingly, aim at mosaic to be not vaccinally give birth to company and haing Buddha university by force only, other research organization and researcher are in as much mosaic of research and development is vaccinal.

Before strong unripe company, american vaccine – the spring of network of AIDS vaccine trial that company of cancer immunity treatment held in Washington in May this year is complete on group meeting, the AIDS vaccine Pennvax-GP that by lab of Washington university medicine and Fulaidehaqinsen assistant of cancer research center taught Dr. Luo Sha to announce this group research and development the result of first clinical research, also comparative stimulant popular feeling, pennvax-GP is vaccinal also almost the 100% antibody that produced antagonism HIV, be called to be throughout history (before giving birth to a company by force to announce a result) AIDS vaccine is in the highest overall immunity that human body observes in clinical trial is respondent rate.

Pennvax-GP also is vaccine of a kind of mosaic, used 4 kinds of antigen of AIDS virus, the mosaic vaccine that experiments than giving birth to a company by force returns many kinds of antigen. Vaccinal – recruit of company of cancer immunity treatment 94 volunteers attend Pennvax-GP vaccine to experiment, among them 85 people vaccination, 9 people have an inoculation comforts an agent.

Vaccinal – the test that the mosaic vaccine that the mosaic vaccine Pennvax-GP of company of cancer immunity treatment compares strong unripe company has is more meticulous with administrative levels more, but suffer try a crowd to still be less than 100 people, and of strong unripe company suffer the person that try to have nearly 400 people, go up in test result consequently more convincing.

Although afore-mentioned two stallion surpassed gram vaccine to show encouraging result, but the effect that still needs more experiments to prove vaccine, want as vaccinal as the AIDS that Thailand had 2009 RV144 on the number at least similar or quite, the test that Thailand has at that time has 15 thousand person to attend.

On the other hand, although mosaic vaccine makes the mainstream with at present vaccinal AIDS and focusing point, but vaccine of AIDS of research and development is likewise road connects Rome, other research also was shown not the effect of common, the RV144 vaccine that is regarded as failure repeatedly even also has the possibility that salty fish turns over. For example, the United States Kaisixi store the researcher of university college of medicine combines 阿爱上海同城

aluminous assistant agent to undertake experimenting afresh to rhesus with RV144 vaccine, discovery can reduce the AIDS virus of 44% to contract a risk, this increased 13 percent than reducing the risk of 31% to the person’s research 2009.

By this token, progress of AIDS vaccine research and development is encouraging, go up really probably at the critical point of the breakthrough. (Original title ” did AIDS vaccine come really? ” )

(Beijing daily)

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