“Hero installs ” model of written characters to will suffer special protection abode to installed the enterprise of new developed area to notice in hero

The country is industrial and commercial total bureau came on stage recently ” a certain number of opinions that plan about supporting Heibei hero to bring newly-added district ” , will in爱上海

stall model of written characters clearly to give in company name approve to hero lawfully special protection, clear hero brings newly-a爱上海龙凤419桑拿

dded district industrial and commercial superintend a branch how to can regard administrative division into districts as to use Heibei hero with the market, consult division into districts of company name administration registers management to concern a provision, the company that abode brings newly-added district in hero is OK the coronal installs model of written characters with Heibei hero. ” opinion ” still award hero to bring newly-added district industrial and commercial with the market company of investment of superintendency branch fore上海夜网论坛


gn trader registers administrative power to be restricted.

Henceforth, chinese hero installs hero to install model of written characters to register working lieutenant general to obtain protection in brand. Industrial and commercial total bureau already awarded hero to bring newly-added district case of well-known logo protection is jurisdictional, handle relevant case, bring newly-added district in hero industrial and commercial with the market superinten上海龙凤论坛

dency branch creates trade mark special right impawn is registered accept dot and brand to register application to accept the window.

” opinion ” clear, supportive hero installs new developed area to carry out card to take detached reform pilot. Reform according to depart through developing disease pilot, clear further and cancel a batch of administration to allow item, the diaphaneity that raises conduction administration to all爱上海

ow item and can anticipate a gender, release enterprise innovation poineering energy, enhance economy to expand power. Examine and approve strictly according to who, who is superintended, the whose director, principle that who superintends, the after the event in doing good evidence to reform funeral affairs according to depart superintends system mechanism to build, explore innovation of each superintendency measure.

Install autonomy of enterprise of new developed area to offer hero, ” opinion ” put forward to support hero to install new developed area to optimize an enterprise to run way of the limits that register, right ” national economy classification of occupation ” in specific perhaps without normative burgeoning industry management project, can consult custom of policy document, industry, professional document offer application.

To the superintendency of these new job condition, ” opinion ” hero of clear also support installs compose of new developed area to build big data to superintend a model. Build unified big data to superintend platform, industrial and commercial the company that superintends a branch with the market is public show information to pass information of state enterprise credit fair show system and interconnection of implementation of other government sector to share, implementation grinds to the integration analysis of big data sentence. Build a risk to monitor early-warning mechanism, raise the essence that selectives examination randomly to allow gender and sex of effectiveness for a given period of time, realize superintendency scientific sex and efficient sex. Advancing build manage break the law unusual directory, badly break one’s promise company list and break one’s promise mechanism of chasten of tie, combination, and exploration is built superintend integratedly execute the law wait for foretaste of respect go ahead of the rest. (reporter She Ying reports)

Responsibility edits: Zhu Huie

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