Fujian traffic executes the law to resemble traffic of punish key punish to break the law in disorder punish do not have a paragraph

The Fujian Province begins traffic to execute the law to resemble special repair work in disorder
Key punish traffic breaks the law punish do not have paragraph and problem of unit funds link up with

Yesterday, the reporter learns from Fujian Province Public Security Department, for public security of farther normative Fujian Province traffic administration executes the law the job, ensure strict, just, civilization executes the law, fujian Province hall came on stage yesterday ” safety of transportation of road of mechanism of Fujian Province public security manages ” 9 forbid ” ” . Come since June 12 on August 15, by a definite date will be begun inside Fujian Province limits the traffic of two months executes the law to resemble special repair 上海贵族宝贝

work in disorder, masses can set according to this, random to executing the law elephant undertakes supervisory informing against.

According to introducing, examination of key of special repair work, processing, solve 5 kinds of outstanding problems:

Make known to lower levels is punished do not have index, with highbrow ” need every months to check correct road transportation to violate goal assignment ” and ” alarm Wu team needs to finish test number ” wait for means to covert traffic of policeman make known to lower levels breaks the law punish do not have task index; Violate traffic punish not link up with of bonus of paragraph and unit funds, policeman, welfare or covert link up with; Expend through information, handle a case the items such as funds will be punished did not answer cent allocating funds to grant an individual.

Hold illegal fact at will, when the spot investigates traffic to violate act, subsistent serious traffic illegal behavior changeover is other not the illegal action with small amount of billiard-marker, amerce; Fiction violates a fa爱上海同城论坛

ct, optional cognizance traffic violates act.

Violate ground of compasses processing different to break the law, punish the income that do not have a paragraph to increase local traffic, come on stage to return benefit to give social intermediary the policy of personnel with the name such as information cost, use intermediary personnel to attract nonlocal car to handle traffic technology monitoring to violate act in great quantities to this locality.

Experience case property manages a disorder, the experience case car that ought to assume by the executive authority to party collection procrastinates move, park, say to detect again examine with traffic trouble removal the charge such as appraisal; Site of precatory parking lot, weigh did not collect fees by the standard, cannot offer normal bill, without manage collect fees acceptance label of year of branch of license, metrological supervision bright etc.

Other execute the law non-standard behavior, when investigating van overload traffic to 新爱上海同城对对碰论坛

violate act, did not say to be punished again, did not uninstall with respect to discharged; Violate compasses detain car; Traffic assist the member that be in charge of, nonmilitary personnel is violated compasses participate in traffic to execute the law the job; Did not fulfil ” capture punishs depart ” , deregulation on the spot collection amerce.

“9 forbid ” regulation by Fujian Province Public Security Department discipline appoint censorial room is in charge of explaining, apply since the day that announce, accept the public to supervise inform against. Once discovery is violated compasses execute the law behavior, uniform investigate from severe as soon as possible, when necessary, still will give to responsibility personnel stop to carry out post or confinement. Belong to via checking solid, give disciplinary treatment; Cause serious consequence to perhaps be affected badly, give discharge disciplinary action; Those who be suspected of crime, move send a judiciary processing, main to the unit leader is uniform give responsibility is found out.

Fujian Province Public Security Department is special inform against a phone: 12389.

Safety of transportation of road of mechanism of Fujian Province public security manages ” 9 forbid “

One, forbid make known to lower levels to pe爱上海同城论坛

rhaps covert traffic of make known to lower levels violates amerce quota.

2, forbid to detect without saying to weigh, will overweighted goods is uninstalled wait for legal process, investigate van overload to violate act.

3, forbid to party collection ought to by execute the law the trailer that mechanism assumes, say to detect again, examine park mixes the appraisal, car that because trailer is mixed,detains car generation to wait for charge surely.

4, the personnel beyond the legal party that forbids pair of illegal action carries out punishment.

5, forbid deregulation to detain, distrain perhaps exceeds legal time limit to detain, driver’s license of card of travel of sequestered car, motor vehicle, motor vehicle.

6, forbid do sth without authorization to change imaginative perhaps liaison man to violate a fact to carry out administration to punish.

7, forbid assist complementary alarm per上海夜网论坛

sonnel pursues penalty, smash a car, buckle card, open legal copy clerk to wait to execute the law or covert execute the law behavior.

8, forbid to participate in or covert participate in examine appraisal orgnaization, parking lot, motor vehicle drives the person grooms orgnaization, motor vehicle sale, discard as useless reclaim, maintenance, transportation enterprises the management activity that wait.

9, forbid to use functionary advantage to execute the law in road transportation profiteering of the obtain in the activity. (reporter爱上海同城对对碰

Lin Qian)

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