Australian Melbourne a kangaroo is being investigated by police of cause sb’s death by maltreating him (graph)

Login register Melbourne of Australia of text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian is a kangaroo being investigated by police of cause sb’s death by maltreating him (新上海贵族宝贝论坛

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In report occu上海龙凤论坛

pied new network on January 26 Australia network coverage, be located in Australian Melbourne diamond cereal (the communal barbecue dot with the one office welcome equipment of Diamond Creek) produces event of kangaroo of cause sb’s death by maltreating him one case at 26 days, a kangaroo by person behead, the head still is put in the barbecue on barbecue wearing. Dimension state police already launched investigation with respect to this matter now, appeal the insider provides clue of crack a criminal case actively at the same time, bring to justice murderer arrest in order to strive for at an early date.

Dimension state police already launched investi上海千花社区

gation with respect to this matter now

According to the report, family of a lot of place gathers in this to be in barbecue dot to dine together at that time. After case hair, police already had block to the spot, at the same time barbecue dot also is shut.

Dimension state police discloses, the person that report a case to the security authorities claims they that day in the morning 8 when Shi Gu of 20 minutes of Xu Zaizuan saw head of a kangaroo is mixed ne爱上海同城论坛

ar an alley pared only leather bunny. Spokesman of dimension state police, senior scout member Shangmusen (Lee Thomson) expresses, after arriving at case discovery field, police discovered head of a kangaroo on a barbecue wearing, made an appointment with 60 meters of far places to find body of this kangaroo爱上海同城

the rest in the distance.

In addition, dimension state police still is in not far one place discovered one pared inside children pleasure ground leather bunny.

Occupy additionally to profess Michael (the eyewitness of Michael) expresses to SAW broadcasting station, he is taking a walk in the park at that time, saw this one horrible picture subsequently. He says, I am taking a walk along alley, see next about 10 fuzz gather.

He thinks the likelihood is a few children took this kangaroo barbecue place, plan to bake kangaroo flesh. He returns complement to say, here has a lot of families, police already blocked the spot, because have very much child,be in the amuse oneself around.

(original title: Australian M爱上海

elbourne one kangaroo is being investigated by police of cause sb’s death by maltreating him)

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