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Hind, the eyelid that very much person can worry about him appears proliferous circumstance. So can double-fold eyelid hyperplasia disappear? Generally speaking, hyperplasia is not very serious word, so through period of time, it is to be able to be connectedNew love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch forum

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Cross body self-healing ability and disappear. But if the case is clearer, had better have relevant examination to the hospital, will reduce gentle to dismiss proliferous case through a few medicaments.

Can double-fold eyelid hyperplasia disappear

Scar hyperplasia calls scar tumour again, by fiber connective tissue excessive hyperplasia is caused. Skin of apophysis of scar a knot in one’s heart expresses hyperplasia of the shape that show tumour, watchA falls in love with the sea to be the same as a city

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The surface is slick, color is ruddy and shine, often discover outspread blood capillary, this him hyperplasia is cannot of enough subsidise, need treatment.

How does double-fold eyelid hyperplasia do

The pressurization after art wraps up: The eyelid on art hind is met list of the gauze on the lid, the ability after the doctor can make you oppressive half hours leaves, the purpose is precautionary ooze blood, art hind comes to a hospital demolish the gauze of eye ministry the following day, do not want oneself to demolish, the bloodstain because of cut and gauze constant cement, tear apart forcibly can tear off eye ministry cut.

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The natural beauty after operation of rehabilitate of double-fold eyelid scar should pay attention to certain symmetry and operation and harmony are beautiful, suggest palpebral scar and double-fold eyelid operation undertake at the same time, such can better palpebral scar conceal at perfect repair eyelid scar is being achieved in double-fold eyelid.

Scar a knot in one’s heart is incurable commonly, common remedial method is apply of the inject inside hormone scar, nuclide stick or put cure effective, first selection hormone or nuclein apply are stuck, can make commonly scar flatten, but scar still exists, stop the possibility that there is recrudesce after medicine.

Can double-fold eyelid hyperplasia disappear

How does double-fold eyelid prevent proliferation

Want to prevent proliferation of the scar after cutting double-fold eyelid, nurse daily cannot ignore, the scar after how precaution cuts double-fold eyelid is proliferous?

(1) notices the cleanness of the cut after art. Art hind if fruit cut is sordid, very incidental infection, as a result forms scar, wet cut is not made when the face is being washed after art so, if there is hematic crust on cut or secretion, usable asepsis brine or medical alcohol wipes;

(2) notices to do what very palpebral organization is in to protect wet reach bate to work. After a lot of people cut double-fold eyelid to restore, still feel to have stretch tight closely feeling, look very at odds, actually thisLove Shanghai is opposite with the city touch

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It is normal phenomenon, should be in only local protect wet reach bate, its stretch tight closely feeling can reduce, can disappear for long, reinstate natural state.

Can double-fold eyelid hyperplasia disappear

(3) notices to strengthen campaign of eye ministry muscle. Need to cover cut one day commonly after double-fold eyelid operation, can uncover gauze the following day, do goggle exercise at an early date, ability promotes the blood that organizes all round the eye to circulate, decrease or eliminate the strut of cut place, return to normal as early as possible.

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The attention prevents the scar proliferation of double-fold eyelid place. The person that accept method should avoid to use after the operation a few contain what heavy metal is like mercuric and so on to prevent bask in anti-creasing cosmetic, because these cosmetic have,agree to be able to be met the scar of aggravating cut is proliferous, the person to those scar constitutions is one disaster after another more.

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