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Massaging is a special gay getting a person, this kind of method catchs a cold to cure, the effect that reduce weight is pretty good massage, the point that basically decides our body middle finger namely is pressed press, massage need half hours to promote haemal circulation to left and right sides of a hour every time, accelerate health of body and mind, butSh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum

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Massaging also is to have a lot of notes, we do not know, so what does the contraindication of massage point have!

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What does the contraindication of massage point have

Bit more crucial: Small finger tip is carried

What belong to main and collateral channels: Heart of hand little secret via

Often chafe, by press end of small finger tip to be helpful for heart health, the bosom is frowsty, flustered, carsick, seasick when weigh needle of clutch little finger to carry forcibly, also can alleviate quickly unwell symptom.

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Bit more crucial: Big toe most advanced

What belong to main and collateral channels: Lung of hand the moon via

Often chafe, by pressure big toe is most advanced the effect of lung having drain, benefit lung, conduce to maintain respiratory system health. Especially Qiu Dong is seasonal, main and collateral channels moves in one’s hand lunar lung classics, it is the optimal opportunity that has respiratory system health care more. In addition, weigh forcibly when coughForum of Shanghai night net

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Clutch big toe is most advanced, still can alleviate cough symptom.

Bit more crucial: In the center of the palm

What belong to main and collateral channels: Pericardium of hand faint shade via

Via often pointing to articulatory extruding palm with forefinger the center can promote systemic blood circulation, to recuperating menstruation, color of skinA falls in love with the sea to be the same as a city

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Have certain effect. In addition, New love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch forum

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Still be helpful for heart health.

The contraindication of massage point is the mainest is not to look for wrong point, adverse effect can be caused after acupuncture point became wrong, can do not have advantage to his body instead, no matter be to use,massage will reduce weight, invigorate the circulation of blood changes Yu to treat a disease, everybody is to should notice right amount cannot too heavy also cannot too light, strength and gimmick must allow firmly.

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