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Article introduction

Human body is conduct competence also be to get the neurological pilot of the body, but bring about the body once motion is undeserved easily in our life to appear a few diseases, when someShanghai noble baby

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Await neurological get hurt to be able to bring about our body to lose consciousness, and also can bring certain aching sense to us, what such meetings are affecting us badly is healthy, an understanding falls how to prevent below motorial yuan.

How to prevent motorial yuan

How precaution is motorial yuan

? How to prevent motorial yuan disease

? 1, begin physical training actively, in order to enhance a constitution, avoid to contract infection sex disease, precaution contracts sexual disease.

? 2, precaution is motorial yuan of disease, still should notice not to pursue those poisonous jobs as far as possible, want to prevent what harmful metal pollution as far as possible, protect an environment, improve drinking water quality.

? 3, the common sense in noticing the life, before avoiding intermarriage to have marriage actively, antenatal examination and prepotent actor Yo seek advice.

? 4, notice oral cavity is wholesome, avoid food residual keep.

? 5, notice to move free affection sign at ordinary times, keep buoyant.

? The cure that use drug

? Without effective treatment, with be being given priority to to disease.

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Difficult person, absorb oxygen, assist breath when necessary.

? 2, deglutition is difficult person nose raise or veinShanghai noble baby communicates an area

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Tall nutrition, maintain nutrition and water electrolyte balance.

? 3, nerve nutrition medicaments: Afterbirth 250-500mg of 2 phosphor choline, flesh gives birth to 4ml ejaculation fluid, 20-40mg of adenosine of 3 phosphoric acid, alkalescent grow into fiber cell factor (BFGF) 1600u, flesh notes 1-2 second / D, beautiful sth resembling a net is peaceful (glucoside of afterbirth of 3 phosphoric acid 2 natrium) 20mg flesh is noted, 1 / D1000 beautiful community of Shanghai

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? 4, An Tan 2mg 3 second / D or profess to convinced of clever natrium 50-100mg/d can be reduced or on improvement motorial yuan damage bringSh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum

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The muscle convulsion that rise, flesh tension heighten.

? 5, complication prevents and cure, prevent articulatory rigidity contracture to hold to proper workout and physiotherapy. Prevent lung infection.

Prevent to how namely above motorial yuan the introduction, after passing understanding, we know to good method must master when moving at ordinary times, and motion should have the process of a successive, and nutrition must notice on food balanced, have the improvement that some of green vegetables and fruit just can yield the body is better so more.

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