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Diabetic it is a kind of very common disease, suffer from on diabetic person, normally blood sugar should compare normal person on the high side a few, because this is to need to take seriously all the more on food at ordinary times, the attention controls dietary quantity of heat, some things are cannot of edible, the nutrient value of millet congee is very tall, diabetic it is OK right amount edibleForum of Shanghai noble baby

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, but cannot feed more, nevertheless quantity of heat of congee of millet make it is compared commonly tall, had better be collocation feeds capable person otherly.

 Does millet congee rise blood sugar1000 beautiful net forum of Shanghai

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Can diabetic person eat millet congee?

Millet contains a lot ofa vitamin a variety of vitamins such as B1, B2, amino acid, adipose with carbohydrate, boil congee to have ” acting ginseng soup ” good name. Edible millet congee can open the pubic region of caustic of intestines and stomach, filling empty, beneficial, can use at enraging anaemia caustic, constitution the person that accept of frail, stomach owes beautiful is entered fill, comfortable breed at the puerpera caustic of little, postpartum empty and the lack of power and listless, food that cause is not sweet person. Additional, be worth what carry is, content of every 100 grams amounts to millet 0.12 milligram, the content of vitamin B1 ranks first of all commissariat, iron is contained in the millet that waits for weight the volume is one times higher than rice, these nutrient elements have profit to the body of diabetic person likewise.

Diabetic person is OKFall in love with sea otter phoenix 419 sauna

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Eat millet, but according to its quantity of heat, nutrition reachs his to rise candy index to look, content of the lysine in millet is less, adipose content 4.3% , and it is not saturated fatty acid more, still contain additionally a few the plant reachs a few carotene with alcohol and lecithin. Be like 100 grams millet, the 80 millet meals that digest evaporate of the boiler on water 40 minutes to make, its nutrition composition is: Quantity of heat 360 kilocalorie, protein 10 grams, not adipose, saturated fatty acid 2 grams, carbohydrate 16 grams. The quantity of heat of make it congee will be bit more tallish, but also suit diabetic person to eat.

 Does millet congee rise blood sugar

Suit the millet congee practice of diabetic person edible:

Millet is coarse food grain, to the diabetic, if a large number of one-time taking food,coarse food grain is brought about probably produce hypoglycemia reaction. So, the millet congee that diabetic person eats is OK ” special ” treat, add namely other feed capable person, so do can help diabetic person stabilize blood sugar.

Millet gram congee

Make a way: Rice, millet, gram is right amount (the scale of millet and rice is 2:1, gram and millet are euqally much) gram uses millet of leach bubble; and rice late to use leach bubble 30 minutes ahead of schedule ahead of schedule. The rice that drenchs dry water is divided is entered after water is burned, enter the millet that drenchs dry water is divided next. Millet and rice again1000 beautiful net forum of ShanghaiLove Shanghai is the same as a city

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After boil, enter the gram that drenchs dry water is divided. Turn small fire is boiled slow, millet, rice, gram is boiled blossom, congee becomes sticky stiff can.

 Does millet congee rise blood sugar

Congee of millet Xianggu mushroom

Make a way: Millet 50 grams, xianggu mushroom 50 grams, the membrane of a chicken’s gizzard 5 grams. millet, pan is clean, xianggu mushroom, choose is washed clean, cut small or broken end, the membrane of a chicken’s gizzard, abluent. On boiler buy fire, put right amount clear water, issue millet, the membrane of a chicken’s gizzard, boil congee with slow fire. Boil together with Xianggu mushroom again to ripe sodden, divide second edible.

Millet egg spends vegetable congee

Make a way: Millet is right amount, quail egg 3, carrot, small cole, a few salt reachs olive oil. Carrot, small cole is abluent, at the same time millet abluent put in boiler to boil, quail egg break up reserves. Cut has disinfected carrot and small cole man. Wait for millet congee to boil to man of the quail egg that break up puts when 8 maturity and carrot, cole. A few salt and olive oil are put when giving boiler quickly can.

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