[eat banana abdomen to bilge gas] – of reason of _ abdominal distension _

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Banana is a kind of commonner fruit, a lot of people are preferred eat banana, especially the old people with a few bad the age of a draught animal as shown by its teeth. Because banana tastes very convenient and very soft, eat banana to still have the effect of stimulative defecate more, no matter be the complement of pair of body nutrition,still be pair of intestines and stomach clearing is first-rate, but some people can appear to bilge more after eating banana angry circumstance. So how is this to return a responsibility?

 Eat banana abdomen to bilge gas

The female reduces weight to also favore banana, but eating the need on the law to notice at 3 o’clock: The first, had better eat together with milk and milk products, digest; more easily so the 2nd, do not eat together with staple food, otherwise if can cause digestive difficulty. Also do not enjoy together with vegetable or other fruit, because of them between cannot very good confluence, Shanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city

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Can bring heavy digestive problem; likewise the 3rd, a bit the most important, banana should eat when maturity, such is helpful for that digest.

Banana wants to eat healthily, had better want to choose to have maturity, eat banana occurrence abdomen to bilge, one of reasons are banana immature, green still is when plucking, through the caboodle of later period banish changed color gradually, belong to put ripe, this kind of banana can give a person digestion bring unwell.

 Eat banana abdomen to bilge gas

When choosing banana, must choose which kinds of maturity, what still have attention of a bit need additionally is, banana is intertropical fruit, unfavorable cold storage, put into freezer to be able to quicken corruption. Also tell everybody a little experience here, when buy the hope is used, do not carry bicephalous viridescent as far as possible, that is treated, and height does not want too big, somes small banana gift is nice, want fruity, do not have edgeA falls in love with the sea to be the same as a city

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Just be good banana, normal yellow, take sesame seed to nod slightly.

Had better not eat. Banana slippery bowel goes up again gas, far from good. There is tannic acid inside the apple, good to the stomach, can eat 9.

Banana contains a lot ofthe potassium element that drops wall of artery of blood pressure, protection, contain a large number of hemal and nervous element to change the compound such as enzymatic depressor, those who control blood pressure is makeShanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city

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Banana contains a kind to be able to help person head produce the material of hydroxide lubricious amine, can make the person’s mood becomes cheerful, reduce ache and melancholy, reason has ” happy food ” say.

Banana still has slippery bowel and stop have diarrhoea action.

Look from nutrient angle, banana is amylaceous rich fruit, and learn angle to analyse from the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine, sex of its flavour pleasant is cold, but bowel of distinct hot benefit, stimulative intestines and stomach wriggles, but lienal empty person should avoid edible. It, the person that has gastric ulcer cannot eat much. Its sodium content is very high, sodium inside body stop can cause oedema, if stomach, kidneyLove Shanghai is the same as a city

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Bad, cannot eat more. Eat much careful get fat oh, it is of abdomen of be on short commons

 Eat banana abdomen to bilge gas

Additional not should hollow eat, hollow and many edible after it, meeting and union of salt of gastric hydrochloric acid go against banana of digestive material; into a kind medium Potassium, magnesian content is higher, hollow eat it, make the magnesium in blood is measured lift and produce inhibition to the heart and vessels. Wei cold body loses and the person of gastric empty is unsuited at eating bananaSh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum

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. Because it is digested very slow in gastric bowel, bad to gallbladderShanghai noble baby

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. Still have, it eats much should go up toilet drop ~

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